41000 Series 12" Wide Single Tier Heavy Duty Plastic Lockers


  • Constructed of water resistant 1/2" thick high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Ideal for pool areas, gyms, restaurants, sports and athletic facilities and other high humidity environments
  • Available in a gray, tan or blue finish
  • Units include a 3" high x 15" deep black plastic base and are 6 feet high (add 3" for base) and 18" deep
  • Units have a compartment size that is 10 1/2" wide and 70" high
  • Each compartment includes a 16" deep shelf and a double prong ceiling hook
  • Available as 1 wide or 3 wide units
  • 1 wide units come fully assembled while 3 wide units require minor assembly
  • All locker doors are 12" wide and include stainless steel hinges and a stainless steel hasp for locking
  • Salsbury Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and has excelled in the field of manufacturing since 1936


  • Sloping hoods and side panels
  • Custom engraved placards
  • Flat top fillers
  • Sloping hood fillers
  • Vertical front fillers
  • Combination or key padlocks


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  • 12" Wide Heavy Duty Plastic Lockers